by / August 26th, 2009 /

HEALTH – Get Color

 3/5 Rating

(City Slang)

The second offering from L.A. caps lock worriers HEALTH sets about proving that the boys can sit still long enough to write something that lasts beyond the one minute mark and manage to keep things interesting and perhaps even shake off the feeling that they are just an attention deficient, Yellow Pack version of Liars. A tall order one would think, but luckily Get Color is a pumped-up, defiant piece of work ready to disregard previous notions and take on all-comers.

Kicking off with the blistering speed metal intro -In Heat’ it may seem like business as usual but asit hurtles side long into the strangled metallic stutter of the magnificent -Die Slow’, with its air-whipped shoegazing vocals drowned in a sweating, pulsating industrial stew it’s obvious that the band are determined to throw some solid shape on their once skeletal form.

Although they have hardly abandoned their existing repertoire of sub-Boredoms spurting squall and succumbed to any kind of formulaic verse/chorus formation rather they now seem a little less flurried and adolescent. They have injected a deeper melodic form to their brittle chaos, investing in creating elongated, warping grooves and climactic repetitive white noise patterns. This is none more evident than on the woozy -We are Water’ and the thumping robotic-mangled mantra -Death’ which doffs its musical cap to Battles and bows down to the mighty noise of their gurgling guitar heroes, the aforementioned Liars.

The fuzzy excitement is only marred by the inclusion of the forgettable -Severin’ and the somewhat shapeless six minute closer -In Violet’- sadly this meandering mess could have easily been scaled down or tightened up, their desire to prove themselves perhaps over clouding the editing and quality control.

The intoxicating thrill ride of Get Colour fuses HEALTH’s knack for young, dumb, noisy fun with a new mature focus making it a scruffy sneaker in the right direction.

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