by / November 27th, 2008 /

Her Space Holiday – XOXO Panda And The New Kid Revival

 1/5 Rating


Her Space Holiday, also known by the equally memorable name of Marc Bianchi, have been scratching the surface of musical exposure for quite a few years now and, unnecessary monikers aside, appear to possess all of the necessary features to make a respectable breakthrough. XOXO Panda And The New Kid Revival may just be the album to achieve this.

Bianchi’s ‘new sound’, which incorporates an apparent love of both indie and folk music, seems at first to be miles away from any of his previous (predominately electronic) releases, but the endearing quality of the lyrics, along with the immediately obvious understanding of instrumental arrangement, prove his true prowess in composition and songwriting.

The drag, which is inevitably created by Bianchi’s vocal defects, is more than made up for in the sublime melodies, such as the delightful banjo in -The Truth Hurts So This Should Be Painless’ or the flushes of mandolin in -Two Cans And A Length Of String’.

By the time you reach -The World Will Deem Us Dangerous’, you’ll have ditched your original scruples (brought about by the album’s chirpiness) in favour of the cheerful mood every silvery tune creates. We defy anyone not to dance jovially to -Four Tapping Shoes And A Kiss’.

As each instrument eloquently presents itself (banjo, harmonica and mandolin), the vocals take a back seat but Bianchi never once over uses them. Those who wish to sneer at all this sentimental pleasantry can feel free to do so. We, however, are willing participants in this new kid revival.

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