by / April 28th, 2017 /

Incubus – 8

 2/5 Rating


Californian rockers Incubus are back with a new album, entitled 8. A simplistic title for a simplistic album. Incubus were one of everybody’s favourite nu-metal band from that beloved era, with songs like ‘Drive’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’. They showed a different style of nu-metal which was needed against the back drop of the heaviness of Slipknot and Korn.

Their new album 8 will please their cult following. It has everything one would expect from an Incubus record, a punchy song in ‘Nimble Bastard’. The next song ‘State of Art’ incorporate the catchiness and experimental nuances one expects from Incubus, which was needed because the opening song ‘No Fun’ –which is aptly named – was no fun to listen to indeed.

Incubus have always been good at mashing sounds up. They’re one of the few rock bands that still use a DJ. Whether it was a funk element or an r’n’b aspect, they’ve mixed and mashed different styles effectively and this is evident on the track ‘Loneliest’. The track combines the uniqueness of Incubus with a modern tone. It’s a slow, enthralling song that would fit all occasions. It’s a sexy after midnight song and the album would fare better if it had followed this style throughout.

‘When I Became a Man’ is a minute long experimental piece that fits no purpose and does nothing for the album at all. Incubus are capable of experimental sounds, their first four albums all offer interesting experimental sounds, sadly, this one offers nothing.

Overall, the album is fine. It’s a far cry from their halcyon days of Morning View. It’s a simplistic album, there is nothing wrong with simple music, yet, and this album lacks an energy. Incubus’ cult followers will enjoy it, but for others it leaves a lot to be desired.

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