by / March 11th, 2015 /

Inni-K – The King Has Two Horse’s Ears

 1/5 Rating

(Green Willow)

One of our 2013 Faces, Inni-K has slowly but surely been building a profile on her own terms. House gigs, EPs and a Fund-It campaign have all led her to that one moment you can never get back, a debut album. As you might expect from her modus operandi so far, she’s approached the task with care and attention and come up with a record of which she can be immensely proud.

A solo artist who has built her live sound around acoustic instruments and loop pedals, The King Has Two Horse’s Ears simply transposes that approach onto a larger canvas. ‘Flower Relay’ ushers us in with a simple riff and percussion backing to her sweet vocal, before gradually adding to instruments and sounds to the mix. Beautifully produced, it sets the tone for an album that never drops in quality. There’s a bold intent too, with second track ‘Find Your Beat’ marrying a catchy pop tune with an Irish language lyric – one of two tracks sung in the native tongue.

Despite the grandeur of some of the arrangements (‘Gentle Star’ is particularly orchestral) there’s never a sense of overdoing it, no moment when Inni-K loses herself. It’s a well-defined, small scale record with huge ambition and a sense of adventure. The songs are fine things too, particularly the wonderful ‘Love Song’ and ‘Come With Me’, a jaunty tune that can’t fail to give your day a lift with it’s energy and delightful harmony vocals. The King Has Two Horse’s Ears is that all over, an album designed to make the world a better place, even if just for a moment in time. Sometimes that’s all you need in life.

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