by / January 28th, 2011 /

Jonny – Jonny

 1/5 Rating

(Merge Records)

In this bizarre musical landscape that has given us a league of eyelash batters, banjo breakdowns and gushing folksy ‘wisdom’ it’s hard to imagine any artist being truly capable of conjuring up tunes of a sweet nature that are not cloying, semi-religious or down right embarrassing.

Thankfully two stalwarts of melody drenched pop Euros Childs of Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci and Norman Blake from Teenage Fanclub have managed to do just that, teaming up to give birth, in a musical fashion, to Jonny a hybrid of intoxicating sunshine pop and ’70s stomp.

From the jaunty opener ‘Wich Is Wich’ it’s clear you’re in safe hands as the ear worm chorus drills through your brain. Each track manages to combine the twin heartbeats of the effervescent, breezy fun of Teenage Fanclub and the delirious genius of the sorely under rated Childs. It is his tracks that lift the album from being a sunny, hardly serious side project to something of a reintroduction to those who’d forgotten his talents. Euro’s melodies manage to swing from the exuberant and triumphant to the teary melancholic in the dip of a harmony , on tracks like ‘English Lady’ and the oddly affecting ‘Candyfloss’ with it’s sweeping chorus showcasing his honeyed vocals that sound as choir boy sweet as they first did as a teenage troubadour.

The album is full of unashamed whimsy and good nature as the two romp through track after track of pop nuggets in an effortless, zippy way. There’s no beating around the bush here the effects are immediate but it may take further listening to realise how head staggeringly infectious every song truly is, no space is wasted. From the familiar Fanclub stamped strum of ‘You Was Me’ to Euros leading a merry dance of insanity in tribute to ‘Bread’ (the foodstuff, not the sitcom thankfully) it’s the little album that could. When it comes to concocting tunes that glide through your consciousness and are as addictive and as tempting as sugary treats , it’s best to leave it to the experts.

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