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Lakker – Spider Silk EP

 3/5 Rating

(Killekill Records)

Lakker have been heavily entrenched in the Irish electronic scene for the last number of years. Ian McDonnell (Eomac) and Dara Smith’s main body of work to date consists of a well received LP on Lazybird Records in 2008 but aside from that they’ve been making often scary sounds on Alphabet Set, Acroplane, !Kaboogie and Stasis Records. As producers whose music gave a intense nod to the dark industry of the German techno scene and the darker moments of Warp Records, the assumption was (and is) that it was only a matter of time before they got some international recognition.

And that recognition will most likely come from Spider Silk EP, a three tracker on Berlin label, Killekill Records, out in the coming weeks. Its immediately obvious that Lakker are trying something different here. Sound-art influences can be discerned throughout making for an unsettling and an almost expressionist take on techno. Nowhere is this more evident than in the sounds of ‘Blip’, which echos like some kind of broken, underground tap to the steady, un-ending 4×4 beat of a madman. The A-side, ‘Spider Silk’ maintains the dark theme by harrowingly pounding away to the accompaniment of organic samples and Objekt-like programming. The final track, ‘Litiv’, is the winner on here though and heals all wounds with deep and sorrowful Plaid-like melodies to a smokey 2-step rhythms while remaining lush and dark in essence.

With Aphex Twin championing their sound in his DJ sets throughout Europe they are an act on the cusp of breaking the European scene. The timeliness of this refreshingly uncompromising release could be crucial for them.

Lakker- Litiv (Killekill 005) from Lakker on Vimeo.

Lakker – 8Blip (Killekill 005) from Lakker on Vimeo.

Lakker – Spider Silk (Killekill 005) from Lakker on Vimeo.

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