by / June 11th, 2010 /

Lali Puna – Our Inventions

 3/5 Rating

(Morr Music)

On first listen to Our Inventions, you may feel that motherhood in the intervening years since last album Faking The Books (2004) has caused Valerie Trebeljahr to quieten down somewhat. But, hold on’¦. this is a Lali Puna release – amps aren’t ever going to go to 11 around here; in fact, you probably ain’t gonna shuffle off the couch and start busting moves in your front room.

This is very much business as usual for Lali Puna, full of sweet electronic glitches and buried guitar licks courtesy of
partner-in-crime Markus Acher, ably complimented by unobtrusive drum machines and Trebeljahr’s hushed vocals.

Nonetheless, perhaps the arrival of wee junior has resulted in some restraint from an outfit who if were to sound any more laid back would be recording themselves lying down; indeed, album opener ‘Rest Your Head’ gently strides into action with Trebeljahr cooing “Know you will sleep alright/rest your head and take a sit beside’¦” It’s a weird, Lali Puna-style call to arms for a record that manages to brim with nice moments, yet doesn’t add anything new to the Lali Puna cannon. The tempo rarely gets bouncier than the likes of lead single ‘Remember’ which has a tasty whiff of Acher’s day-job (The Notwist) off it.

Whereas earlier albums like Scary World Theory saw brief flirtations with minimal techno for instance, Our Inventions is very much an electronic-heavy indie-pop record, sounding like it is straight from
the Morr stable. No bad thing in itself; afterall, Lali Puna were never expected to win the Bear Grylls Adventurers Of The Year Award, but six years out of the game hasn’t produced any new tricks for them.

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