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Le Galaxie – Laserdisc Nights 2

 1/5 Rating

(Battlepulse Records)

Le Galaxie have taken their time getting to this, the point of their debut album. First as 66e and now in this current incarnation, the quartet have been a fixture on the Irish scene for some years. The approach, although possibly frustrating, has served them well. Having built their reputation as a live band pretty much second to none, this old fashioned way of building an audience has meant that Laserdisc Nights 2 arrives with no little degree of anticipation awaiting it – which of course means that the prospect of falling short is all the greater.

It’s a hurdle Le Galaxie clear, if not with complete ease, then certainly without a stumble. The record gets off to a thundering start with ‘Earth’ and keeps up the pace for the first half. ‘Beyond Transworld’ and ‘Midnight Midnight’ add a song structure to their instrumental template and by the time ‘Powers Of Miami’ rolls around it feels as if any doubts have been banished. They never return, but the second half consolidates this beginning rather than building on it.

In many ways, the album shows that Le Galaxie have held their nerve and stayed true to their vision. There is none of the guest vocalist roll call that so many bands of their ilk have chosen to adopt (notably on these shores by Super Extra Bonus Party), instead with the focus being fixed firmly on the dance floor. They do it better than most, yet sometimes these feel like unfinished backing tracks rather than complete songs. The truth is that, as ‘Orion’ proves, they can carry vocal duties themselves pretty easily but more than often choose not to. For now that doesn’t really matter, as Laserdisc Nights 2 is a hugely fun ride. Next time round, however, we’ll be looking for a little more.

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  • Sparklebutt

    Paul from [now defunct] Channel One sings vocal on Orion.