by / November 27th, 2008 /

Lindstrom – Where You Go I Go Too

 1/5 Rating

(Smalltown Supersound)

Alongside his friend Prins Thomas, Lindstrom has established himself at the centre of the -cosmic disco’ scene in contemporary dance music. Cosmic disco is a glistening update of the Italo-House movement of the 1980s, which has traded some of that scene’s dance-floor anchored sexuality for beardy star-gazing; and when it comes to beardy star-gazing, this guy is Galileo.

On Where You Go I Go Too, Lindstrom has given birth to the sprawling beast he threatened he was capable of on older tracks such as -There’s A Drink In My Bedroom’. This, his first full-length, is a remarkably ostentatious album; one so positively bloated with far-out ideas and cheesey synth-loops, that on paper it sounds like a stinking folly. It has a 28-minute long title track that doesn’t kick in for a full eight minutes for chrissakes! And yet, despite the awkward prog-rock elephant in the room, the whole thing not only works, but at times seems almost transcendental.

Over the incredible course of the title track’s length, a nebulous cloud of sound solidifi es into tiny interlocking synth patterns of baffling complexity that eventually give way to a ferocious riff that is unashamedly OTT, a little camp and knowing, but still completely -out there’. After this psychedelic blowout, the second track, -Grand Ideas’ treads water a little (if it is possible to thread water, thumpingly), before things take off majestically once more with -The Long Way Home’, which sounds remarkably like Steve Reich on disco biccies. Essential.

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