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Little Dragon – Ritual Union

 1/5 Rating


Combining gorgeous indie pop and electronics, Little Dragon‘s third album Ritual Union makes no claims to being a new fangled fusion, hybrid form or genre meltdown. But it’s not old fashioned either. This is the real deal; not something ‘mashed’ together but music grown out of a coalition of sounds and ideas, equal to them all in the process. There are the repetitive riffs of muscular dance music (James Brown, Duke Ellington, house music) with the default ‘improvised’ setting of guitar bands and the energy of young gangs chasing something down.

Straddling indie-imperatives and dance-all-night desires effortlessly, it’s no accident that they guested at Movement 2011 in Detroit this year – a city where many of these musical axes meet – be it the raw power and drive of the Stooges, too bored to be anything but independent, or the analogue and digital futures imagined by techno; check the title track or the instant appeal of ‘Crystalfilm’ and ‘Nightflight’. The amazing live drive and punch of ‘Shuffle A Dream’ pop popping its way through catchy hooks and melodies is a stand out in their current live show, where they have developed the sound of their previous Machine Dreams record into a tougher and tighter set with a definite psychedelic twist to the melodies.

Whatever or where ever they take inspiration from, the result is music and energy marked by their process. This is not a fusion, there is no ‘weakening’ of one idea over the other. It’s a band. Little Dragon are making out with the future and the past – no retro, no go slow – just forward music motion…

Little Dragon ‘Ritual Union’ (Live on Fallon) from lentetijd on Vimeo.

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