by / September 10th, 2010 /

Logikparty – High Risk Narcissist EP

 1/5 Rating

(Richter Collective)

Buzz has been steadily building around Dublin four-piece Logikparty since they began gigging less than a year ago. Debut 7” ‘Good Hood/Iodine’ was an excellent opening missive, their live shows become more and more impressive in their visceral intensity, while their recent signing to the Richter Collective label summed up the regard they’re held in domestically. No better time to drop an EP.

Well, good news, because High Risk Narcissist is more than worthy of the anticipation: the band’s abrasive, No-Wave influenced sound is as potent as ever. Opening with caustic, white-hot guitar lines, pummelling drums and bone-shaking bass, ‘The Number A’ grabs you by the lapels and doesn’t let go, singer Benni turning in a powerhouse performance that alternates between shrill, belligerent vocal lines and unhinged screaming. A superb opener, it’s followed by the cavernous, menacing ‘Dead Machines’, with the singer’s vocals fighting to be heard over Sonic Youth-style guitar squall.

‘Japanese Flag’, on the other hand, actually grooves instead of pummelling: the dissonance and attitude are still there for sure, but it’s driven by an irresistible, elastic bassline, only sporadically punctured by shards of piercing guitar. Elsewhere, ‘Ad Finem’ is a short experimental noise piece reminiscent of Sonic Youth’s more out-there moments, while ‘Let The Psychograph Read Your Character’ is a full-on, discordant thrasher that recalls the harshest No Wave bands.

There’s no shortage of domestic bands at the moment who know how to assault the senses, but none of them do it in quite the severe, merciless manner that Logikparty do. They’ve barely put a foot wrong in their short career so far, are easily one of the best live bands on the scene, and now they’ve got a sterling EP to their name. Move over everyone, there’s room for one more at the top.

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