by / June 10th, 2011 /

Loud Mouth Compilation Vol.1

 3/5 Rating

Emerging from the somewhat juvenile scene of Irish electronic music, is this 14 track compilation of eclectic and fresh sounding tunes. Loud Mouth, being a collective of various musicians, producers, and DJs, is host to an assorted blend of different styles. This compilation showcases those varying styles, and reveals a hidden world of local talent.

Ranging from morosely comedic hip-hop to airy ambient / electro, Loud Mouth Compilation Vol. 1 flaunts a unique compound of genres, as well as demonstrating a wide range of production skills. Many of the tracks are created digitally using computer software, while others employ a subtle mix of samplers and live instruments. Speech Impediment’s ‘Vacant’, for example, melds haunting samples and live guitar to create a slow rising tumult, that resembles the likes of Mogwai or Godspeed You! Black Emperor. Yet, while this partnership is used to great effect it is the purely digital tracks that stand out. ‘Drips’ by Redehan, for example is all digital and one of the strongest tracks on the comp. It’s a delicious little slice of dub that has the understated qualities of some early Scuba tracks.

Despite the compilation’s overall strength, there are one or two hiccups. The overly aggressive approach to dubstep taken by Archetype lacks the innovation found in many of the comp’s other songs. There is also a lack of consistency with the hip-hop tracks. While brothers Blake and Leigh, a.k.a The Gruesome Twosome, are inventive in fashioning their own technique, their prowess fails to shine through with their larger group project Exxon Valdez. The discrepancies between the two projects aren’t enormous, but there is certainly an element of too many cooks at work.

One thing that’s clear from listening to Loud Mouth Compilation Vol. 1 is that there’s a great deal of potential here. Even some of the weaker tracks display a fair degree of latent talent, leaving plenty of room for these young artists to evolve. Plus, seeing as you can download it for free at, there’s no real excuse for not giving it listen.

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