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Lykke Li – Youth Novels

 1/5 Rating

(LL Recordings)

Scandanavian Lykke Li Timotej Zachrisson has stirred up quite a buzz in the blogging world, thanks to the good words bestowed on this, her debut album. The 21-year-old’s release Youth Novels debuted at number one in the Swedish album charts and she can currently be found on tour spreading her Bjork-esqe sound across the globe.

In this case, Lykke is definitely catching. It’s hard not to like her sickly sweet voice, which has something pure to it, and forms a perfect complement to the electro-pop beats created by producers Bjorn Yttling and Lasse Marten. Lead single -Little Bit’ is an instantly likeable syrupy electro hit, full of lustful lyrics dusted with metaphors, while album opener -Melodies & Desires’, by contrast, is full of catchy melodies and spoken-word vocals. -Let It Fall’ is a gem, with catchy hooks and a happy-go-lucky sound, perfect for any sunny day.

It’s not all saccharine sweetness, though. Those who can’t handle the happy, bouncy tracks should try darker songs like -Hanging High’, the funky -Breaking it Up’ or the chilled -My Love’.

Youth Novels is a definite highlight for 2008. It fills a gap in the electro world; well written lyrical pop which is equally pertinent at home or in a club. Best of all, there’s still room for growth in Lykke’s music, so it seems the best of her work will come with age.

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