by / March 6th, 2013 /

Marika Hackman – That Iron Taste

 1/5 Rating

(Dirty Hit)

Marika Hackman is a respite from the ordinary. That Iron Taste may be a mini album by name, but by nature it’s huge. A huge sound, huge talent and a glimpse at something unquestionably, and delightfully different. I don’t want to use tags like folk, or pigeon hole this distinct artist, because there is this different layered element to the soundscape Hackman creates, she channels something beautifully rich, and quite frankly a tad more dark than conventional acoustic music. Yet it’s hard not to draw certain similarities. The record shows a vocal maturity beyond her years; Mazzy Star meets Warpaint, with impressive flecks of Fleet Foxes’ abstract storytelling and harmonies – first track ‘Mountain Spines’ showcases just this.

‘Cannibal’ is another high quality track, dark in its subject matter, but her vocals have a timeless nature that lets in the sunshine. ‘Borrow Time’ is a more upbeat and jolly track, yet with a creepy and playful looping base layer, simple production and accompaniment thanks to Alt-J’s Charlie Andrew. ‘Retina Television’ is short and sweet, with an simplistic drum beat, and while you can’t help but draw likeness to the folk purity of First Aid Kit we’re expecting good things from this latest guitar yielding girl.

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