by / October 18th, 2008 /

Max Tundra – Parallax Error Beheads You

 1/5 Rating


Six years since his delightful oddity Mastered By Guy At The Exchange first appeared and planted itself firmly in the ears of lovers of skewed, alternative pop, Ben Jacobs allows us into his eclectic headspace once again.

Jacobs’ music is like no other but it sounds like the amalgamation of every song he’s ever heard. For example, the album’s last track, -Until We Die’, is 11 minutes of celebratory electronic-pop which sounds at times like Steely Dan, Sebastian Tellier, and cheesy lo-fi -80s TV theme tunes, segueing into each other, with Jacobs singing about ‘a holy mountain on ice’. If that sounds appealing, then you’ll love this.

The lyrics are largely rooted in real-world trivialities, shot through with Jacobs’ near trademark humility. Lines about 20p jumpers, eBay bidding, Google images, and the Glycaemic Index are sung in a funky white-boy falsetto. This is far beyond some tawdry post-modern display, as his enthusiasm and love for music is self-evident. The overall effect is like listening to a whimsical wizard playing colourful songs on jellied, wobbly synths which have come alive and are trying to escape from under his nimble fi ngers. He plays guitar, brass, xylophone and uses an archaic Commodore Amiga 500 to control them all, which only adds to his unique appeal. In a just world, Parallax Error Beheads You would be outselling Coldplay and Max Tundra would replace Timbaland as the producer of choice. He certainly has the skill and an abundance of ideas to pull it off.

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