by / May 15th, 2012 /

Melodica Deathship – The Sunken Path

 3/5 Rating

(Cooler Than Cucumbers)

Gasping in the wake of Doom Your Cities, Doom Your Towns, is this new five track EP from Dublin based producers Melodica Deathship. With their first LP, pioneers Exile Eye and Deep Burial carved themselves a wholly unique sound, fusing traditional folk, hip-hop, drone, dub, and maritime chanteys together to form, um……….. salt-hop. Interestingly, the sea bound rap stylings of their last record are left somewhat in the rear for The Sunken Path, with more focus placed on beats instead of rhymes. Two of the five tracks are entirely without vocals but still remain laden with plenty of ominous wind and wave samples which at times sound like a nautical Daedelus.

Of course, there’s still some prophetic lyricism to lap up. ‘Thirteen’ contains the bulk of Exile Eye’s ramblings in a sort of arcane ’12 days of Christmas’ style ballad that’s somehow harrowing and silly at the same time. In true Deathship fashion, everything is shrouded in a mysterious film of insinuations and double entendres. Their piracy aesthetic provides the perfect platform for a parade of social commentary on Ireland’s economic situation. The inherent corruptive nature of pirates reflects easily on politicians, not to mention the scathing oceanic imagery that so aptly mirrors the wayward status of Ireland bobbing aimlessly at sea, waiting for rescue. Listen to ‘Standing on the Hill’ and you may hear a lonely woman’s homesick lament or a sharp stab at the political failures that ruined the country, depending on your frame of mind.

Despite the fact that their approach is still altogether distinct, things are already beginning to sound a bit jaded. This is incredibly niche, perhaps too much so. It will be interesting to see what the next couple of years hold for Melodica Deathship and whether or not they can stay true to this tack while keeping things fresh.

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