by / August 30th, 2010 /

Mice Parade – What It Means to be Left-Handed

 3/5 Rating

(Fat Cat)

Nearly three years have passed and Mice Parade have returned. This time round there has been a slight line up tweak with Laetitia Sadier and Kristin Valtisdóttir leaving but musically little has changed.

What it Means to be Left-Handed is 13 pieces of almost African-tinged ‘folktronica’ in the vein of previous offerings with, perhaps, a slightly matured sound.

Each song buzzes and floats along nicely, ‘Old Hat’ being perhaps the finest track on the album, its large, quite epic sprawl is not merely one of the most notable songs on the record, but in some ways defines Mice Parade’s sound as a band.

On the flip side, the cover of The Lemonheads’ ‘Mallo Cup’, although quite lovingly recreated, sits almost out of place next to the folk rock and whispering electronics of the rest of the record. The other cover, Tom Brosseau’s ‘Mary Anne’, is a little more fitting in its solemnity, which is complemented by the vocals of Caroline Lufkin, whose performance throughout is the highlight.

Fans of Mice Parade can expect nothing new but should also not fear disappointment, What It Means to be Left-Handed will sit quite comfortably with fans of the genre, and the European tour planned to follow the release should be the icing on the cake.

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