by / February 2nd, 2012 /

Milagres – Glowing Mouth

 2/5 Rating

(Memphis Industries)

Brooklyn-based band Milagres don’t have a groundbreaking sound but they’ve previously proven themselves adept in building indie-emotional-pop walkabouts in the same vein as The National or The Antlers on their first album Seven Summits in 2008.

The group’s second album Glowing Mouth attempts to immerse the band further into tension-packed melancholia and often end up reminiscent of Arcade Fire’s obsessions (‘Here to Stay’, ‘Gentle Beast’, ‘Fright of Thee’). Stadium-sized synthesizers and over-the-top drum sounds sometimes aren’t enough and the lazy hopping in night-wonders of ‘Lost In The Dark’, the throbbing slenders on ‘Gone’ and other self contemplating moments tends to make the band look like they really crave for the top of the charts rather than for coherence and concision.

Glowing Mouth is the album of a band trying to go mainstream before they have even conquered the indie crowd, and stealing a bit of both worlds on the way (not as anthemic as Coldplay, not as well-thought and profound as The National). Kyle Wilson doesn’t do much to make things better with his overly stated lyrics, sometimes verging on the ridiculous (‘Gone’: “Little spirit of the parking lot, building, springing up from your heart”. Really ?).

The hope is Milagres turn their back on cheesy lyrics and bombastic melodies but all signs here suggest they won’t so content yourselves with the likes of the aforementioned bands for now, who do this kind of thing so much better.

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