by / October 18th, 2008 /

Miley Cyrus – Breakout

 1/5 Rating

(Hollywood Records)

For those who have been living under a rock for the past few months, Miley Cyrus is the offspring of one-time country -star’ Billy Ray, he of -Achy Breaky Heart’, line dancing and bad hair. She’s currently famous for her stint as Disney darling Hannah Montana and more recently, for a Vanity Fair photo shoot that had middle America up in arms and Disney in full outrage mode.

Breakout is Cyrus’s attempt to move away from the saccharine sweet Hannah Montana persona. Unfortunately, it’s highly predictable, as Cyrus warbles her way through songs about love lost and won, alongside typical teenage dramas about gaining a little freedom. Catchy tunes are teamed with simple, at times childish lyrics, as well as a host of sugary ballads that wouldn’t have seemed out of place on the Hannah Montana albums, such as -Goodbye’ or -These Four Walls’. There’s also an extremely suspect version of -Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’, which should be avoided at all costs.

There’s a slight improvement with a remix of -See You Again’ and -Simple Song’, while -Wake Up America’ sees our heroine encouraging people to become more environmentally aware before it’s too late: ‘I know that you don’t want to hear it/ Especially coming from one so young’. Teenagers and young kids will love it. Anyone with an ounce of respect for their ears will leave this one alone.

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