by / May 13th, 2010 /

Miracle Bell – Light Shape Sound

After a gruelling 65 date tour in 2009, Miracle Bell, along with producer Ciaran Bradshaw (Ollie Cole, Dark Room Notes) at the helm, abandoned the live circuit to record debut Light Shape Sound. Clocking in at just under 35 minutes, Kildare’s electro kids’ debut is seemingly an impressive first assault on the airwaves.

But after a few listens, rather than growing on the listener, the band’s influences and peers begins to shine through their synth sound, comparisons all too easy to recognise. The tracks, when not containing vague taints of Foals, smack of the Two Door Cinema Club sound; but saying that, Irish debuts rarely come any more polished than this. After hearing the rest of the album though, you wonder why the electro pop single ‘Fit For Love’, with the irritating vocal melody, was chosen to re introduce people to the reinvigorated Miracle Bell, when clearly tracks such as ‘Love Sounds’ would have make a better impact.

Perhaps it’s the wide spanning range of influences on members, or perhaps an attempt to appeal to all kinds, but Light Shape Sound contains a song for everyone. From the Bloc Party feel on ‘You and I’ (by far the best track), to the insanely catchy new version of ‘Inhale/Exhale’. It’s not a complete musical write off though; although there’s not much on here that we haven’t heard before; the 10 track effort is filled with huge hooks, catchy choruses and marvellous melodies, with radio friendly tracks such as ‘Love Sounds’ and ‘Light Shape Sound’ are good enough to see the band catapulted into the mainstream spotlight vacancy left by the surprise demise of The Blizzards. Good work for a debut but we want to see more next time.

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