by / November 14th, 2012 /

Mogwai – A Wretched Virile Love

 3/5 Rating

(Sub Pop)

Mogwai have history when it comes to putting their work into the hands of remixers, with 1998’s Kicking a Dead Pig showing that their style, anthemic guitars, drifting sounds and vocals can act as the perfect foundations for electronic tracks. Now the trick has been repeated with their superb Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will, deconstructed and fluidly recreated as an accomplished mix album. Well, for the most part.

Helmed by Tim Hecker and Zombi, the post-rock originals are effortlessly converted into instant electronic hits, seeped in their instrumental roots. Contrasting with this is Xander Harris’ ‘How To Be A Werewolf’, a track which doesn’t quite fuse and ends up sounding like disparate entities. The song doesn’t manage to accomplish the brief and the redundant repetitiveness serves as more of an annoyance than anything else. Hecker on the other hand – in keeping with Mogwai themselves – is known for his slow building songs, ambient and culminating in intense sound. His reworking of ‘Rano Pano’ showcases his talent for filling any space.

‘Too Raging To Cheers’ from Umberto and Zombi’s take on ‘Letters To The Metro’ also offer balanced reworkings and Cylob manages to turn a mundane ‘White Noise’ into a playful, vocal rich track – high frequency noise but of the delectable and palatable kind. Some remix albums are only good for reverting to the original but this is a good listen in its own right, although despite some cracking tracks there are average moments which let it down. Maybe you should just go and buy Tim Hecker and Mogwai records and listen to them simultaneously instead.

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