by / August 22nd, 2017 /

Neomadic – Neomadic

 3/5 Rating


The opening line of this tape, “We’ve been flowing over beats for some time now”, asserts the confidence that Neomadic have in their abilities. It’s something that becomes more and more apparent after submitting yourself to this incredibly immersive project by the young Dublin duo. This project, which takes obvious influence from the likes of Mick Jenkins and Isaiah Rashad, is a dark and introspective look at the two artists in the group.

Both exhibit different flows in a laid back fashion that only comes with mountains of practice and the utmost confidence in your craft. While it does sometimes feel like flow is of higher importance than the lyrical content, it doesn’t suffer too much when you find yourself enraptured by the tape’s dreary charm. The constant weed and alcohol references give us a little insight into what they do in their spare time, but apart from this we’re left knowing very little about the two artists.

The production perfectly melds with their laid back delivery. Every beat sounds carefully picked to fit the overall smoked-out and downtrodden tone. Despite dealing with many producers, they have crafted a project that is cohesive and best enjoyed as a whole. A huge feat in itself for a debut album from an independent act.

The Neomadic tape doesn’t feel like it belongs under the Irish hip hop umbrella but feels more like an Irish tribute to an American sound. This takes nothing away from the creativity of both emcees. If anything, it just makes them more comfortable to exhibit different styles of delivery in a fashion that is familiar. Neomadic clearly have a great ear for production and a willingness to try something different. While this tape will serve them well in terms of expanding their fan base, it’ll also be interesting to see which direction they will take next with some of the untapped potential heard on this album.

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