by / April 3rd, 2009 /

Niall Colfer – Finds

 2/5 Rating

(1969 Records)

Niall Colfer might not be a name known to many, but as an ex-member of long-time south-east favourites Salthouse he has plenty of experience stored up behind this solo debut. Opening track -After All That’s Happened’ is a promising and uplifting start, whereas -Hohumming’ is as laidback as it gets, and is perhaps as a result a tad longwinded.

The entire album benefits from the full sound of a band as opposed to the one man project route that Colfer no doubt could have been tempted to take, but the mostly inoffensive guitar-based soft-rock numbers such as -Flames Away’ and -Hiding’ aren’t exceedingly memorable.

-Barnacle Boy’ is a dreamy two and a half minute instrumental track, and if it’s dreamy you want then it’s Niall Colfer that you should seek out, as -Stole the Day’ also goes to prove. But there is, unfortunately, little on this album that we haven’t heard before.

-Dawnin” picks up the pace somewhat, and -Bridges’ reaches out to a rock root or two, but these variations, albeit successful, come too late after a number of forgettable predecessors, and -Not a Day’ continues to lapse back into uninspiring territory. His composition of music for a documentary about his better-known brother, Eoin, might prove to get his name into the limelight faster than Finds. Niall Colfer doesn’t deserve to ride on anyone’s tailcoat, but the likelihood of this album bringing him his own share of attention is slim.

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