by / April 20th, 2016 /

Niamh Crowther – ‘I’ll Be’ EP

 3/5 Rating

(Top 6)

Three years can seem a long time in music, particularly if you’re a fresh-faced teenage singing sensation. Since her impressive victory in the 2013 Irish Youth Music Awards, a now 18-year old Niamh Crowther has been releasing music at a less-than rapid pace, but in that time she has built up a reputation as a highly capable live performer, while crucially forging an authentic identity as a traditional pop musician.

Her debut 4-track EP I’ll Be maintains all the elements of charm and refreshing endeavour that were so apparent when she first came to prominence, and although it may lack a cutting edge to standout in an ultra-competitive industry, it’s nothing that can’t be built upon. While her distinctively innocent vocal and notable appreciation of melody give her an advantage, it was nonetheless important for Crowther to first establish herself as a pop singer. Thankfully she accomplishes this, with her latest release, I’ll Be bearing all the hallmarks of a bright-and-breezy, (if slightly whiny) teenage romance.

Thereafter, Crowther’s notable trad influences become apparent with tracks like ‘Little by Little’, and ‘Painkillers’ brining an accompanying rhythm to her youthful charm. It is on final track ‘Origins’ however, were she really makes her presence felt as a song-writer, her soft, poignant lyrics elevating a typically weepy piano ballad into something more personal.

Overall the EP is a pleasant listen without being in anyway groundbreaking. Considering the market she’s currently operating in, a concern may be a lack of forcefulness in her application, while her song structure remains somewhat formulaic and predictable. Still, it’s nothing that can’t be built on, and at 18 years of age she has time on her side.

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