by / February 20th, 2015 /

No Monster Club – People Are Weird

 1/5 Rating

(Popical Island)

For an independent label to thrive for five years in this day and age is impressive enough, but Popical Island’s continuing success is made all the more remarkable when you consider the fact that it’s large number of records have been the handywork of a relatively small group of musicians, many appearing together in various combinations. No surprise then that there is a definite Popical Island sound, kudos to them though for keeping the standard so high – even blagging a Choice nomination for Tieranniesaur in the process.

No Monster Club are what you might term a classic PI band and People Are Weird a classic PI record. Fronted live by and the sole studio vision of Bobby Aherne (also a member of Grand Pocket Orchestra, Women’s Christmas, Ginnels and Paddy Hanna’s band), it rattles along with the same enthusiastic bon homie to be found on all of their releases but crucially never forgets that the best lo-fi pop needs melody to drive it along. Thus, while the likes of ‘Can’t Get Enough Of That Hippy Dippy Bullshit’, single ‘I’ve Retired’ and twisted rock ‘n’ roll of ‘Bad Exmple’ all flirt with the quirky side of life, it’s their splendid catchiness that stays with you. With Brooklyn label Mirror Universe on-board to give it some international push, People Are Weird may well soon be flying the flag for another side of Irish music. We couldn’t hope for a better ambassador.

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