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Nouveaunoise – Paraphrase Accolade

 1/5 Rating

(Nouveaunoise Records)

Ireland’s electronic music scene remains a somewhat under-exposed area but this album may change all that. Nouveaunoise have the knack of drawing on their varied influences and turning them into something coherent, direct and entirely their own. Their songs seem to fall together into perfect harmony, emerging from a glitchy guitar line or random noises to form glorious washes of sound threaded through with tiny, intertwined melodies and built upon a solid rhythm section.

The one adjective that seems unavoidable when attempting to talk about music of this kind; organic. The human aspect of these songs never disappears behind the programmed synths or the loops and that, more than anything else, is what separates this album from your average electronica album. It is playful and shy at times, bright, bold and extroverted at others.

Upon first listen the songs drift into each other as interlocked parts of a single entity but as you go back to the start and hit play again you begin to notice the details of each track, the brash intro to ‘Panaka’, the slow build into the final moments of ‘Affect Effect’ or the direct and danceable title track that drops into a warm, pulsing synth and intermittent chimes.

The album ends with the short and calm ‘Paperdew’, the perfect respite after an album that is bristling with exhilarated enthusiasm and happiness. There isn’t a dull moment to be found here with even the softer interludes brimming with little snatches of invention. Nouveaunoise have crafted and album that puts them at the forefront of electronic music in Ireland, a confident and exciting debut.

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  • It really is a very, very nice body of work. Varied and inventive.