by / March 29th, 2010 /

Oliver Cole – We Albatri

 1/5 Rating


Since the demise of Turn, frontman Oliver (nee Ollie) Cole has been biding his time. It’s proved to be a good move as his ten track debut is honest, moving, and most importantly, impressive. There is no air of pomposity or pretentiousness in the album, both offenses being things which a lot of solo artists fall foul to when given the chance to put their feelings into song.

The lyrics, from song to song, seem to come directly from Cole’s heart, with little intervention from his head, resulting in a purely honest album with a dose of vulnerability. Cole personally sites his influences as The Beatles, The Shins and Elliot Smith among others, and that Beatles influence is most apparent in opening track ‘What Will You Do?’ – a cheerful song despite its darker undertones, something which seems to carry on throughout most of the tracks.

‘Too Many People’ is the most refreshingly blunt song on the album, akin to some of cult hero Frank Turner’s most heartfelt numbers. Cole’s voice is at its clearest, fitting with the theme of the song and it is without doubt one of the highlight’s of the album. The best is saved for last, however, with the striking ‘Moth’s Wings’. Instantly amazing, the simple notes played on the piano are poignant and instantly pulls you in, almost hypnotically. It is an entrancing and emotional end to a wonderfully eclectic album.

The phrase ‘next big thing’ is thrown about too casually by journalists on to music acts, be they fabulous or mediocre, but in this instance, it is hard not to use. With the weight of a record company such as EMI behind him, Oliver Cole’s second coming looks set to eclipse his first.

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