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Omar S – Detroit: Fabric 45

 1/5 Rating


Omar S has a solid reputation for producing uncompromising minimal House and Techno tracks from a murky warehouse somewhere in Detroit without as much as a whiff of commercialism. This Fabric mix CD is pretty much the first time ever that Omar S has left the underground. As mix CDs go, Fabric 45 is as close to a real life, unpolished DJ set as it gets. Do not expect any mix wizardry but if you like deep Detroit House you are in for a treat.

It takes Omar a good 15 minutes to warm up, but when he launches into -U’ with its insistent vocal sample of -It’s On U Watcha Wanna Do’ the party is starting for real. The nagging piano loop of Oasis’ -13-1/2′ carries you along into the cavernous -1 Out Of 853 Beats’ before the mix peaks with -Psychotic Photosynthesis’ in its full 7:42 glory.

Where do you go from here? Omar changes tack and introduces some Gospel House with the first full vocal track on the album, -The Maker’. This soulful tune has a touch of the Basement Boys and the sound of New Jersey about it – Right here and right now the choice is perfect. After the double whammy of -Psychotic Photosynthesis’ and -The Maker’, Omar S strips the sound down to a spaced-out break, giving you a chance to catch your breath before the massive kick drum of -Blade Runner’ starts the dance again. From -Blade Runner’, Omar slips into -Day’ with its Old Skool rave overtones. He ends the mix with the second vocal track, the mellow 80’s flavoured -Set Me Out’ before hitting the power switch and letting the tune grind to a halt.

All tracks played by Omar on this album are his own productions, released over the years under his Omar S moniker or his Oasis alias on his own FXHE label. With a run of typically 300 copies for the world, these 12’ singles are rare as hen’s teeth and -Fabric 45′ is a great opportunity to get hold of the deep underground sound of Omar S.

Christian Lorenz writes at TuneRaker.

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