by / July 23rd, 2010 /

Oriol – Night & Day

 1/5 Rating

(Planet Mu)

Though Oriol Singhji lives in London, or rather between London and Cambridge, you can tell he wasn’t born there. It would be a contradiction in terms if music this summery came from a man born and raised in a country which, much like dearest Éire, would be best described as damp. Mr. Singhji was in fact born in Barcelona, which suits the sound of this album just perfect. Night And Day is the debut release from Singhji and it brings together the best parts of many strands of modern electronic music (Balearic house, Detroit techno and dubstep all come to mind), blending them all with a good helping of ’70s-style jazz fusion.

Oriol’s time spent studying music in Boston has certainly not been wasted as the knowledge and technical chops that are gained from such an education inform this record constantly. It couldn’t for a second be described as minimal but the arrangements flow with such ease and grace that they never sound cluttered or forced. At times the sound strays into fellow Londoner Joy Orbison’s territory, especially on ‘Spiral’. While Night and Day lacks a track with the game-changing, kick-in-the-stomach effect of something like ‘Hyph Mngo’, it will certainly fill the gap nicely while we wait for a full length from the aforementioned.

The album is constructed like a DJ set with no real gaps between songs, just a constant supply of heady, joyous dance music. In many ways ‘Joy FM’ and ‘5 Bars’, the first and last tracks respectively, are the standouts, if only because they actually have a beginning and an end. Both have outrageously funky slap bass and playful, cheesy melodies too, which always helps. Night and Day might not be a revolution but is an accomplished and expertly constructed record, one that will deserves to get lots of play when the weather picks up again.

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