by / November 9th, 2016 /

Or:la – UK Lonely

 1/5 Rating

(Hotflush Recordings)

The ability to tell a story through sound is a talent that few possess and even fewer master. In Or:la (DJ and producer, Orlagh Dooley) we witness a truly underrated talent when it comes to wisdom over the decks. Nights at her co-owned Meine Nacht in Liverpool, alongside a few hard copy releases, have nurtured and evolved into a musical craft explored in her debut EP, UK Lonely.

Or:la originally hails from Derry, but has resided in Liverpool for the last five years. The move has benefited the producer. We’ve seen the launch of Meine Nacht alongside a release on Hotflush, as well as peering into future projects such as a vinyl only label bringing new artists and exciting production ideas to the surface.

The UK Lonely EP possesses four original tracks from Or:la as she showcases an exhibition of broken beat, abstract sound design and movement provoking soundscapes. Title track, ‘UK Lonely’ gets us underway immediately with arguably the best track on the project. A laid back groove is crafted through off beat percussion, infectious claps and R&B inspired vocals. The good vibes continue as the track subtly introduces each new element, only heightening its impact.

‘Limbosoup’ swamps the listener with an up tempo beat and tribal drums. Abstract sound moulds together perfectly with playful melodies that bring together the familiar and the underground in exotic fashion. ‘X & O’ introduces the listener to the EP’s B-side where a dreamy melancholy washes over thoughtful vocals and malfunctioning technologic sound whilst maintaining a moveable groove that refuses to distinguish.

UK Lonely finalises in beatless fashion with the intriguing and immersive ‘Jaipur’. The atmosphere is as inviting as it is intimidating. The label describes the track as a hint of things to come, and the subtle bleeps and boops combining with soothing flutes really does draw a mental image of looking to the future.

Or:la’s debut on the esteemed Hotflush Recordings is one that paints a picture of a producer ready to pounce on the peak of creativity. Don’t sleep on UK Lonely. Ireland’s tree of electronic music talent continues to grow.

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