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Patrick Kelleher – You Look Colder Remixes

 1/5 Rating

Osaka Records)

Setting out to transform an electro-folk album into pure electronica is a brave venture. Particularly when you’re setting out to transform a record as well received as this one. It’s safe to say that Patrick Kelleher’s debut album You Look Cold was enthusiastically praised across the board. His layered approach in combining genres created something quite strange and yet quite beautiful. But less than a year since the original comes the cheekily titled You Look Colder – the remixes. Sequels to greats are often set up to fail but thankfully, You Look Colder is more Godfather II then The Matrix Reloaded. Phew.

Skinny Wolves kick things off with their stab at -He has to Sleep Sometime’, which is re-skinned as robotic dance punk you can pogo to. Thread Pulls -Finds You’ remix follows, starting out on the minimalistic side of the things only to build momentum with soft then intensified tribal drumming. David Kitt puts on his producing hat for -Not Leaving Town’ which at first maintains the haunting tone of the original, before morphing into a lighter, upbeat dance track. The other well-known producer on board is Jape, whose motorik beats establish themselves before relinquishing to an unexpected trance breakdown. Also featuring remixes by Toymonger, Catscars, The Booklovers, Hulk, Fucktotem, Legion of Two and School Tour, You Look Colder varies from mainstream dancey choons to industrial, avant-garde, orchestral, playful and even cinematic tracks.

A diverse experiment that really shouldn’t work but really does, You Look Colder is interesting as a companion piece to the original but can also stand by itself. The brain child of Patrick Henry from Osaka Records, the talents from very different electronic offshoots are pooled together for one mad record. More of this please Dublin.

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  • brian

    love the first two tracks.

  • Cfly

    Um, writing “The other well-known producer on board is Jape” and then going on to name other ‘well-known’ producers in the ”also featuring” section seems like a very bad example of ill-informed writing, or at the very least seems vaguely insulting to those mentioned.

  • JOC

    would have thought Jape is a fair bit better known than the ‘also featured’ peeps myself

  • Nay

    Alan O’Boyle (Legion of Two/Decal) produced the debut album that made Jape’s other band, The Redneck Manifesto, known in the first place. Way to rush off an album review!
    Really like the wallop they brought to Coat To Wear, Hunter-Gatherer’s a whammy too. I had a whiff of the previews last night and am just off to the gig, looking forward to having a proper listen. You can hear them here :