by / May 19th, 2010 /

Paul Weller – Wake up the Nation

 5/5 Rating


Madonna played catch up with Britney, Whitney played catch up with Mariah, Oasis played catch up with themselves, so it is like a breath of fresh air that some people are happy to be separate from what is considered ‘cool’ and just be ‘cool’ in their own way.

Paul Weller is Mr. Effortless, he doesn’t care about music trends; he just cares about music. 22 Dreams, released in 2008 was, although a number one hit, a let down, particularly following the wonderful As Is Now in 2005. Now in 2010, five decades on from the beginnings of his musical fame, Wake Up the nation shows what a mastermind Weller is, without having to compete with the young bucks.

Each song is laced with that inimitable Weller coolness; from opening track ‘Moonshine’, which incorporates jazzy piano with the singer’s trademark pronounced vocals, to final track ‘Two Fat Ladies’, a humourous song that depicts Weller’s perfection when it comes to musical arrangement.

It is a hard task to make a 16 track album that doesn’t have any faults, but Weller has done it this time. Musically, each track runs seamlessly into the next, yet each one is entirely different. Paul Weller can allegedly do no wrong when it comes to his music, although 22 Dreams was a let down for his fans, the ones that aren’t utterly blinded by faith, this masterpiece has erased that bad memory. Possibly his best work since the renowned Stanley Road in 1995.

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