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Pinkunoizu – Free Time!

 1/5 Rating

(Full Time Hobby)

If Google Translate can’t define the group’s name, the music might. Free Time! enters the record stores as Pinkunoizu’s debut on behalf of the nurtured independent label Full Time Hobby. Composed of four slickly experimental theorists, the Copenhagen-Berlin quartet is finely knotted together by an explosive culture of variety, aestheticism and artistic smoothness. It’s not something you would typically hear from the London indie label, as the album encompasses a slight taste of Animal Collective; a continuous flow of monotone, echoing vocals and electronically amplified and manipulated instrumentations that are repeated in an arty pattern. In comparison to their Full Time Hobby counterparts, such as Erland & The Carnival and Diagrams, lyricism is not their focal point and neither is emphasising on a single instrument for generic audience appreciation.

The musical subtly of this foursome is uniquely clever too. ‘The Abyss’ beckons their intellect, split into two aspects. Three instruments – vocals, lead guitar and drums – are distributed in a reverberated and a medium-fidelity production. Both styles cross-fertilise and form an angelically serene ambience and enforce the rhythmic prowess of the four. Can too much of diversity and creativity spoil the product? In some cases it can, yet this time around, this Danish crowd smoothly settle with being constructive in 45 minutes of abstract rock.

Hence, there are two ways new followers could perceive this debut. People will appreciate the skill efficiency of such a petite group, but some may consider this as a collective of tracks that were roughly patched together by over-exertion of the imagination. For now it’s clear that Pinkunoizu are a highly rational cooperative of resourceful musicians, often as baffling mystery as their name.

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  • nessymon

    Think it means Pink Noise in Japanese if I remember correctly, good album, enjoyed it