by / April 23rd, 2016 /

Plutonic Dust – Grand Delusions

 3/5 Rating


The Irish electronic scene is in rude health – there are no arguments there – as acts like Carriages, MMOTHS, Toby Kaar, T-Woc, Contour, and countless others (far too many to name here and now) have proved by making leaps and bounds from word-of-mouth recommendations to unmissable live stage heavyweights. In that vein, Plutonic Dust, with debut LP Grand Delusions, seem to be settling comfortably amongst their more prolific contemporaries.

This latest offering, coming off of a wave of acclaimed live appearances, has cemented the five-piece house-heads as competitors in an increasingly saturated domain – luckily, the tracks are here to give added value to a dynamic that has been tried and tested, many times before – the live, electronica immersive experience; a much overwrought angle for those seeking to break out on the circuit. Grand Delusions is a solid statement of intent – grooves and angular synths abound through ‘Losing Control’ and ‘Sugar Honey’, indicating some mastery of the analogue is clearly, and respectably at play.

Reflective work comes in the form of ‘Kill For Gold’ and ‘Night Train’, the latter of an airy, ethereal disposition that marries Veronica Moran’s flexing vocals atop a click-clack, almost motorik beat. Grand Delusions is, in parts, celebratory in tone, downbeat in others, and as such allows for waves of elated atmospherics and similarly effective quieter moments – although as a collection, the advancement of the tracks could be a little more progressive; refrains would work wonders considering the sheer volume of styles at play; each track seemingly staking claim to any given point in the evolution of electronic music.

Plutonic Dust aren’t breaking new ground here, but they have set out their stall with a palatable and energetic selection of work that should earn them a dance-floor legion come the summer, and while they’ve begun to master the art of the track, the art of the cohesive album appears to be slightly out of reach for now. Hopefully longevity is on their side – it’d be interesting to see where Plutonic Dust land next.

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