by / August 24th, 2016 /

Prophets of Rage – The Party’s Over

 1/5 Rating

(Caroline International)

Supergroups can really go either way. They can be unnecessary groupings, made only out of greed and lack of interest in individual projects. However, every once in a while one comes along and blows that theory completely out of the water. Prophets of Rage consists of three members of Rage Against The Machine, B-Real from Cypress Hill and Chuck D of Public Enemy. On first look it really seems like a line-up that is too good to be true. With R.A.T.M and Public Enemy already sharing a similar political outlook and fan base, this is one supergroup that just makes sense and The Party’s Over proves just that.

The first, self-titled track is strongly reminiscent of a lot of Rage Against the Machine tracks we’ve heard before. The guitar and bass slowly build up to the stomping main melody and while Chuck delivers his rhymes, Tom Morrello mimics scratching and samples with his guitar. He is known for being one of the most versatile guitar players and for good reason.

While B-Real and Chuck split vocal duties, the latter definitely takes centre stage for most tracks. His deep voice melds best with the hard hitting R.A.T.M backing tracks but B-Real’s nasal pitch provides an interesting contrast to Chuck’s delivery. Their styles fit well together on the originals and you can hear the necessity of both vocalists in bringing the performances to a new level on the live tracks.

The addition of three live tracks to the EP is a good introduction to their show, which was initially as far as this collaboration was meant to go. Overwhelmed by the huge response to the shows, it only made sense for them to at least attempt to write music together and the first two tracks on The Party’s Over go a long way in proving that this supergroup may actually have the winning formula. Prophets of Rage are a necessity at the moment. They are providing music that is needed both politically and socially, but are also providing for a crowd whose needs haven’t really been met for more than a few years.

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