by / August 27th, 2016 /

Rae Sremmurd – Sremmlife 2

 2/5 Rating


There is something woefully unfulfilling about listening to Trap artists like Rae Sremmurd in your underwear and fluffy socks on a stuffy Thursday morning as opposed to blaring their drug-inspired, bass heavy tracks as you prepare to go out and have the time of your life. What the hip-hop duo attempt to do with their second studio album is to give the listeners a glimpse into their lavish lifestyle, with all the ups and seemingly non-existent downs that come with success. SremmLife 2 is the sequel to Rae Sremmurd’s debut album SremmLife, and much like the arrangement of the project, the pair did not exercise an excessive amount of thought when it came to naming the sequel to their life story. More drinking, more drugs, more parties…you know the clichéd, quintessential modern day ‘rap shit’. However, despite the fact that SremmLife 2 probably brings nothing new or of substance to the table, the question still remains as to whether or not it’s actually good.

It’s not. But it also is in a weird way. The project opens up with ‘Start The Party’, which stands as the listener’s metaphorical rabbit hole that allows entry to the party-induced euphoria of Rae Sremmurd’s world. It does this poorly, almost annoyingly so with brash ad-libs that take you out of the song, propelled by a jet engine beat that’s honestly a nuisance to listen to. A portion of the blame could probably be attributed to the aforementioned cotton footwear, it just doesn’t seem party-worthy attire. ‘Real Chill’ melts away any grumpy hip-hop purist scepticism and, sure, the lyrics are next to meaningless but in a wash of Ben 10 references, and beautifully heavy heart melting beats you can’t help but want to partake in “smoking that kill, kill”, whatever that fucking means. It avoids halting its momentum from that point on and instead chooses to accelerate in only a way this hip-hop duo know how – a blend of squeaky vocals, poorly constructed yet frustratingly catchy autotuned melodies and ear-tantalizing production.

As expected, SremmLife 2 doesn’t really live up to expectations. It is quite evident that the group have tried to mature their poetic voices with songs like ‘Just Like Us’ and ‘Came A Long Way’ but these attempts just end up falling short and don’t really resonate or make any kind of meaningful impact. Listen, the album is not perfect, it’s a vapidly simple, repetitive and at times incoherent concoction. It falls short in the face of their original project, lacking heart and failing to match its predecessors enthusiasm. Despite all this, it still remains sort of enjoyable. It is a head banging, dab hitting, randomised party playlist. And that’s probably what the group intended, that their listeners have fun listening to their music. Honestly, if it wasn’t a bad way to spend a Thursday morning, I can only assume it’d be a great way to spend a Friday night.

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