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Reverend and the Makers – A French Kiss in the Chaos

 3/5 Rating

(Wall of Sound)

Jon McClure and co. proved with their debut that respectable indie rock was something that they were more than capable of doing, and follow-up French Kiss in the Chaos is another indication that his Makers deserve to make it.

Single ‘Silence is Talking’ has the sound of a potential indie-disco floor filler, as does -The End’, which comes as a surprising burst of energy towards the close of the album.
-Hidden Persuaders’ sways its way into the loose theme of social and political criticism that pervades much of the band’s material, while ‘No Soap in a Dirty War’ disguises food-for-thought lyrics with an innocent acoustic intro and choral chorus. And although lines like “I don’t believe in you any more than I believe in Santa Claus” might seem slightly ridiculous,’Manifesto/People Shapers’ is still decidedly menacing, with dramatic guitar and piano chords a-plenty before a quieter come-down. The sombre ‘Hard Time for Dreamers’ takes the biscuit for socially-motivated lyrics however, with a list of disaster scenarios including the tragic “When my wallet’s looking thin, or if the Tories got back in”.

‘Long Long Time’ is almost painfully downbeat, but shows clear signs of the The Reverend’s admiration of fellow Brit-rockers Oasis, who the band supported at a number of stadium gigs earlier this summer.

More musically mature than their associate (and so far more successful) act The Arctic Monkeys, Reverend and the Makers have lingered in the indie background for long enough – here’s hoping that this album will make their break rather than let them fade into obscurity.

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  • mick smyth

    don’t know what you’re on about………….album is truly woeful, a big disappontment

  • Patrick

    I second the above comment!

  • izzy

    Jons a creative guy, this may not be a second helping of the same but it’s still great thought provoking album with some good beats.
    I suggest listening more than once (guys above!)