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Bob Mould – District Line

(Beggars Banquet)

What does Bob Mould mean to you? If you’re of a certain vintage he will forever be one of the driving forces behind Husker Du, the band that influenced a generation of US guitar bands without ever selling very many records. To others he is the architect of two startling solo albums and then Sugar, the band that delivered the perfect combination of noise and melody with their debut Copper Blue, only to find themselves eclipsed by the fallout from Nevermind. Hell, to some fifteen year old boys he might even be recognisable as a script writer for WCW wrestling.

Many, however, won’t have a clue who this balding, fast approaching 50 year old man is and why he matters so much to all that we hold dear. For those people, District Line isn’t a bad place to start. After a few strange dabblings with electronica and dance, it finds Mould back at the heart of a band. Not that there aren’t nods to the modern world, it’s just that they’re not as successful as the wall of noise approach – -Old Highs, New Lows’ is too much like a boy band trying to do rock for comfort. When District Line works though, it works marvellously well. -The Silence Between Us’ and -Very Temporary’ sound exactly like Sugar at their best but that’s because it was Mould at his best too. Being in a rock band may just be only part of what makes Bob Mould – remixer, DJ, wrestling fan, alternative icon – tick these days but thank God that it still does, even in small amounts.

Bob Mould – The Silence between Us


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