by / October 16th, 2008 /

Fight Like Apes – Fight Like Apes And The Mystery Of The Golden Medallion

 1/5 Rating

(Model Citizen)

So we arrive at the first real benchmark of a band who have been slowly but surely building a buzz for the last 18 months to the point where expectation has reached something approaching fever pitch. By taking their cue from alt-rock bands like Pavement, McLusky and American TV, the band are the fi rst from Ireland to truly embrace a distinct culture of another, therefore allowing them to occupy a space outside the remit of most; a unique space filled with pop culture references, brash behaviour and Americanisms. Make your primary instruments polychromatic synthesizers and you’re onto a winner.

Indeed, many of the songs here sound like theme tunes to some forgotten LA teen drama which never made it past a pilot. The exuberance is infectious and the instruments possess a behemoth power, equally matched by May Kay’s strident vocals. The entire album walks the line between pop and alternative perfectly, without dipping into procedure. Most of the songs are so loud and acerbic, it might take you a while to realise there’s no electric guitar anywhere on this 36-minute record.

Re-recordings of -Jake Summers’, -Lend Me Your Face’, -Do You Karate?’ and -Battlestations’ all make the jump from the previous EPs and largely improve on the originals. The real story here is the hidden depths that reveal themselves upon repeated listens. It’s not lyrical depth, by any means, but a vitality and skill evident in their arrangements. Listen to the twinkling soundscape of -Digifucker’, the emotional infl ections in May Kay’s voice on both -Tie Me Up With Jackets’ and the updated -Snore Bore Whore’ and the remarkable -Lumpy Dough’, with its distinctive layered sound, and you too will be convinced that this is much more than four people who can only shout, scream and fall over. They do so much more than that: just watch them.

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