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Grand Pocket Orchestra – Odd Socks EP

The Debut EP from Dublin’s Grand Pocket Orchestra is only six and a half minutes long but that shouldn’t surprise those who have heard the 55-second long demo ‘Radio’ from last year. Despite the short running time, the three tracks exhibit enough quirky invention and catchy hooks to have you singing for days.

The EP is released on FIFA Records, home to Fight Like Apes and formerly Hybrasil. Incidentally, former members of GPO include MayKay and Pockets from Fight Like Apes which suggests their shared modus operandi.

Lead-track ‘Odd Socks’ is the most memorable thing here as I’ve found myself singing the chorus for the past week. Use of melodica and xylophone augment the track’s playfulness, a notion perfectly reflected in the Bosco-esque paper cut-out video. ‘Get Go’ is a punchy 3 minute pop song and ‘Chongo Pop’ is as perfect a one-minute burst of energy you are likely to get.

Some may find singer Paddy Hanna’s shrieking voice irritating yet I find it charming as it fits the band’s ramshackle approach. This is Fisher Price Pop at it’s most delightful.

Link: Grand Pocket Orchestra interview on The Indie Hour.

Grand Pocket Orchestra – Odd Socks



Grand Pocket Orchestra – Odd Socks


You can catch Grand Pocket Orchestra on their upcoming tour:

February 1 @ The Spirit Store, Dundalk
February 2 @ Tower Records, Dublin
February 2 @ Brewery, Monaghan
February 4 @ Pavilion, Belfast
February 5 @ Cyprus Avenue, Cork
February 7 @ Club Head Bang, Tralee
February 8 @ Baker Place, Limerick
February 9 @ Lethean, Portlaoise
February 19 @ Roisin Dubh, Galway
February 20 @ Whelans, Dublin
February 26 @ The Buffalo Bar, Islington, England
February 27 @ Brixton Windmill, London, England
March 1 @ The Good Ship, London
March 6 @ Bullingdon Arms, Oxford, England
March 7 @ The Macbeth, London, England

Listen: Spotify | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Youtube

  • Hurrah for GPO. Love the tunes and that vid! Thanks for the link to the indie hour interview, they were really great guests.

  • Sweet video!

  • John

    Simply Dublins most exciting band at the minute!

  • Lend me your socks!!

  • J

    Their second ep launch for ‘Little Messy’ is on upstairs in Whelans this Friday 27th June.