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Review: Lady GaGa – The Fame

 2/5 Rating


Hearing New York’s own Lady GaGa’s opening track ‘Just Dance’ played back-to-back with a recent Madonna track on the radio this week, you really do believe this Princess Of Popâ„¢ hype that we’ve been subjected to recently. The pure and polished opener sails miles higher in the pop skies than Maddy could hope for these days. And as health board statistics show us, all the kids are doing these days is being so drunk that they lose their keys, phones and forget the name of the club/one-nighter they end up in/with. Now they have an anthem.

We all know that great pop stars are built upon singles, but within the first seven seconds of track two a lyric so appalling it prompts your reviewer to fire a shoe across the room, aiming for the fast-forward but actually knocking over a three day old cup of tea. It actually sounds like your auntie trying to be young and outrageous. And thus are the highs and lows of the album, all within five minutes. Sadly the edge is polished off the rest of the album save for the superb ‘Poker Face’, currently bothering some daytime radio near you.

The rest of The Fame is filled with songs, some of which lean towards Gwen, some towards Christina, but all without the punch of the opening song. In fact some lean so far towards the centre of radio-friendly mediocrity (‘Eh, Eh’, ‘Beautiful, Dirty, Rich’) they’re like cast-offs from some Stock Aiken Waterman project.

The last third of the album tries out the ballad songs (though ‘Again, Again’ has an air of Britpop about it). ‘Boys, Boys, Boys’ is not half as much fun as it thinks it is but ‘Summerboy’ is somewhat a return to better form, and is a little reminiscent of early Cardigans in its summery cheer.

Lady GaGa sings with utter confidence and when the material is there it’s all you want to party to, but the weak writing and obvious aping of other artists styles leave all but three songs feeling like padding. She’s set her own high benchmark but if Madonna is to be left in her jet trails she’ll need to do a lot better than ‘Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick. I wanna take a ride on your disco stick’.

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  • Barry

    Awful Awful Awful… total Madonna rip off who wont be around in 6 months after the record label wastes a tone of cash on her. Awful Awful Awful music

  • OH MY GOD. thank god someone understands what i am saying. i mean she is just terrible ! awful, shocking. she cant write. live, she is DREADFUL. nuf said 🙂

  • david

    come on, are you all dumb? “Lady Gaga” is total music industry, as she does a good job. She doesn’t need to sing as her voice goes through a A-D converter and is ‘modded’ on the fly to give what you hear. what you are seeing is a top professional music industry production from the video, choreography, writers, performers etc. There is far more profit in manufacturing ‘singers’ than ‘self sufficient’ bands – and who can argue? The product is excellent!

  • Pam

    Guess you have to admit now that you were wrong! Two Grammy’s and 3 Brits and sold-out tours in US and all over the world. The lady has talent and lots of it!!!

  • Hey Pam – there’s no real right or wrong here – do you think all John McCain’s supporters in the US election admitted they were wrong when Obama won (much as I don’t wish to associate myself with the McCainers). I do think she’s a much more interesting creature that first perceived though (that hideous Brits performance aside). Still, the album was hardly packed with singles – the good ones were flagged in the review – and we’re already getting singles not on the album. Intriguing character though and I’m eagerly looking forward to the next album.