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Sky Larkin – The Golden Spike

 3/5 Rating


There are those among us who claim the ability to distinguish between a half-decent wine and a €200 bottle of the finest vintage or, in the same way, spot the difference between every indie band which happens to be led by a female vocalist. We’re not talking distasteful plonk versus Dom Perignon, merely separating the good from the best; which can be especially difficult in such a saturated market. ‘The Golden Spike‘ however, immediately sets Sky Larkin apart from their contemporaries and as rocky drumbeats and plucky riffs rush in to meet the powerful vocals of lead singer Katie Harkin on –Fossil, I‘ those Ida Maria comparisons become less and less appropriate.

As simple as it may sound, the fact that they are a band is what really sets them apart. Each tune from –Molten‘ (a spirited, catchy number), to the heavier –Octopus‘ and –Somersault‘ truly displays the importance of the rock band aesthetic to Sky Larkin. Every hollow of disappointment left by the occasionally tiresome lyrics is filled in by one head-bopper of a drum line. Sadly though, the album itself is likely to be eclipsed by the forthcoming release from another leading lady with pipes sonorous enough to match even those of Ms. Harkin, that is of course – Florence And The Machine.

In its own right though, ‘The Golden Spike‘ is a sweet yet full bodied record, vocally vibrant and musically crisp it should go well with any occasion. Enjoy now or shelve for up to six months.

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  • I really liked this record too, I actually thought the lyrics were kinda clever occasionally in a twee sort of way. I was pleasantly surprised.