by / October 16th, 2008 /

Yo Majesty – Futuristically Speaking… Never Be Afraid

 1/5 Rating

Over the last few years, there has been a revival in demeaning, misogynistic hip-hop. The likes of Spank Rock have made a career out of spouting old hackneyed clichés, somehow getting away with it unquestioned, being seen as having their tongues planted within their cheeks. So, here we have Yo Majesty, a two-piece lesbian hip-hop duo who similarly discuss booty-spanking, pussyeating and bitch-sucking. And although their ambition may be to turn these themes on their head and make them empowering for women, they simply fail and reinforce the old stereotypes.

Rapper Shunda K’s assured delivery sometimes raises them above their lyrical concerns and they do have the ability of switching between raw-throated anger on -Fucked Up’, gentle singing on -Buy Love’ and rapid-fi re spitting on -Night Riders’. Production-wise, Yo Majesty are aided by UK electro duo Hard Feelings and their contribution concentrates on upbeat party electrocrunk hip-hop, making Yo Majesty sometimes resemble a below-par female Outkast/Basement Jaxx collaboration.

They do manage to occasionally swerve unexpectedly, like on the aforementioned -Buy Love’ where Shunda K and Jwl B are backed by an acoustic guitar, leaving aside the ass-shaking antics, exposing a softer side to the band. -Don’t Let Go’ opens with a Boards Of Canada-style bassline which then buzzes with dirty synths, resulting in the strongest song here. Unfortunately, Futuristically Speaking’¦Never Be Afraid never succeeds in rising above groin-level, so intent on making you want to party that the end result is less -hands in the air’ and more -puke in the toilet’.

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