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EP Roundup – The Eclectic, Zing, Le Galaxie, The Things, Chaplin

Eclectic by James Goulden AAA photos

The Eclectic – Breathe EP

Dublin five-piece The Eclectic may not like State’s comparisons to Muse and Editors after listening to this EP but it’s absolutely appropriate. Opener ‘The Man Who Thought He Looked Like Himself (But Didn’t)’ has definite Muse connotations with an underlying bubbling synth and a Matt Bellamy-esque reaching chorus. ‘Scream’ sounds like an out-take from the Showbiz era. Once those histrionics are put to bed a little bit, the band fare better. ‘The Lobotimist’ has an impressive scuzzy electro pump and last track ‘Lucky Landing’ has a nice laid-back Doves feel to it with arching guitar lines and twinkly melodies. Props must go to the engineer of this record who added an impressively lush and full sound.

The Eclectic – The Man Who Thought He Looked Like Himself (But Didn’t)

[audio: lik.mp3]

The Eclectic – Myspace | Official

Video: ‘Scream’ Acoustic

Zing - Photo by

Zing – Like a Monster

It’s not often you hear an Irish band so full of energy. Similiarites can be drawn towards Zing and another female-fronted outfit Be Your Own Pet, particularly due to shrieking nature of the vocals but unfortunately, singer Michelle lacks the necessary bite or venom to make a lasting impression, sometimes strained and slightly off-key. Sometimes, the tempo is too middling and it feels like the band should swing one way or the other. The guitar is a little too buzz-cut thin at times but we’re looking for positives here right? Zing are ballsy with a definite spiky punk edge. It needs a bit of fine-tuning though.

Zing – Bolt


Zing – Myspace

Video: Zing on The Once A Week Show

Le Galaxie - Photo by Mark Duggan www.

Le Galaxie – Le Galaxie / LA Takedown

So not an EP really, rather two tracks now available for digital download right now. Le Galaxie were formerly known as 66e yet the new moniker suits their celestial, epic brand of instrumental synth-rock. God, the term “synth-rock” actually sounds like a horrible description but this is wholesome and gorgeous. ‘La Galaxie’ the song sounds like the intro to some ’60s sci-fi movie, until it goes swelling and a bit Godspeed on us while ‘LA Takedown’ is a warm and comforting taster of what’s to come from these boys. There’s another track on the demo not released until May which is even better called ‘We Bleed the Blood of Androids’. The band are playing the IMRO showcase Tour this Friday with Grand Pocket Orchestra, Betamax Format and Alphamono. Tickets can be bagged for free through the band here.

Le Galaxie – Myspace

Video: Live at IADT

The Things

The Things – Tiger EP

What’s this lads? Another EP following last year’s Wild Psychotic Sounds? When’s the album coming? Anyway, this EP is available on 7″ and digital download. Thankfully, it returns the power that was replaced with slow-tempo country-tinged rock tunes on the last EP. The title track is a ripper, a rock ‘n’ roll garage behemoth shredding your ears with glorious technicolour noise. ‘Voodoo Spells’ sees Neilo Thing shout his way through a stomp, no idea what’s he’s on about but it sounds good. No doubt it was inspired by that venue on the Quays. The pace slows for 5-minute ‘Lungs’ which boasts some low-in-the-mix over-wrought solos, crunchy guitars and gliding keyboards. A nice stop-gap but we’re still waiting for the album…

The Things – Myspace

Video: ‘I Hate You’ – Airfield Sessions


Chaplin – Painting by Numbers

Second EP from Wexford multi-instrumentalists Chaplin, who between them play guitars, piano, accordion, banjo, percussion, keys, drums, harmonica and a dollop of computer programming. How they distill this mountain of instruments is subjective but there are certainly an impressive mix of styles here. Opener ‘The Story Goes’ with The banjo, piano combination is reminiscent of indie poster-boy Sufjan Stevens, supplemented by some nice trumpet. ‘Paint by Numbers’ lets loose a nicely from its slightly plodding twee temperament by the end of the tune while ‘Leaving This Town’ is a lament in the form of a countrified harmonious ditty. ‘Moondogs’ sounds like ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ in tone and melody with the line “They’ll eat all your sandwiches / Spit out the bits you don’t like” standing out. Last track ‘Breadcrumb Trail’ follows a forgettable indie path. There’s obviously musical talent and resourcefulness on display here; if Chaplin can decide on an overall mood and ditch the obvious musical phrases which appear fleetingly, they may produce a superb album in the near future.

Chaplin – Myspace

Chaplin – The Story Goes


Video: Chaplin – Paint by Numbers visuals

Listen: Spotify | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Youtube

  • Nay

    The Eclectic are absolutely brilliant! Breathe stays fresh no matter how many times it’s played…

  • I’m liking that Chaplin EP. They’ve a bit of variety in their sound which isn’t a bad thing at all. First track reminds me of Alanalda, a really good unsigned Dublin band, anyone heard them?

  • Nay

    Yeah I’ve heard the Chaplin EP but it ain’t really my kinda sound…and on the subject of variety, The Eclectic REALLY take the jammy biscuit :p