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Robyn – Body Talk 3

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Body Talk 3 is the concluding part of Robyn’s trilogy concept which saw her writing, recording and releasing songs while also touring extensively. As she wrote songs she was almost immediately able to test the results live and then release them in pocket-sized bunches every few months, with great success both in the constantly developing live shows and the quality of music she’s managed to put out in this time. While Body Talk 3 is released as a fifteen track album containing the best of the previous two plus new tracks, anyone with a knowledge of the other albums will be more interested in the Swedish (her home country) release which is just the five new tracks (also easily pick-and-mixed by download).

These five new songs make this collection the purest – no guests or mixes. They serve up what Robyn does best, unquestionable pop (veering towards the house side of things) dealing with all the usual themes; saying sorry, taking boys from other girls, being brave in love. Yet, as in her previous work she somehow keeps the these songs well above the often vacuous surface of chart pop fodder.

‘Indestructible’ is a case in point. Honest lyrics that relay classic new-relationship issues but matched carefully with a slightly techno feel, and never over-egging any pop moves (she keeps auto-tune moments well in-check). ‘Time Machine’ is a regret song and it gets better the louder it is and the more people are in the room. It doesn’t invent anything new but it puts old pieces of pop making together so perfectly, subtly referencing Back to the Future in the process. It’s a floorfiller, with those chord changes that somehow get right into your spine.

Only the closing ‘Start-4-Ever’ is a little pedestrian in approach but it closes a tidy handful of the best pop this year has had, and you could probably base an entire party about the first four tracks. Together with the other 10 tracks from the series it’s a heavyweight collection. The simple themes of most of the songs, together with music and a production that is unpretentious yet razor sharp, means these songs are immediate in effect and almost impossible to overdose from.

The five new songs on Body Talk 3:
Indestructible, Time Machine, Call Your Girlfriend, Get Myself Together, Stars 4-Ever.

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