by / February 9th, 2011 /

Seefeel – Seefeel

 3/5 Rating

(Warp Records)

When Seefeel originally appeared, they were mistakenly lumped in with the shoegazing bands of that era. And while there were similarities between Seefeel and a band like My Bloody Valentine, Seefeel had as much (if not more) in common with artists like Autechre and Aphex Twin.

The self-titled new album Seefeel appears 15 years since their last album Ch-Vox, and feels less claustrophobic than that record. Where an album like Quique (their most celebrated and accessible album) floated and shimmered, Seefeel jars and shudders. But within the abrasive digital distortion, there are slivers of beauty to be uncovered. And with repeated listening, the noise and the feedback begin to reveal their own hazy melodies. If you ever wondered what Joy Division might sound like in a slow-motion pixelated car crash, ‘Dead Guitars’ could give you some sort of idea. ‘Airless’ suggests a glimpse of sunlight within a forest of nightmares. And in a sense, that’s what this album connotes – peeking at splendour from a cage of industrial darkness. And with every new hearing, a little bit more of the light sneaks through.

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