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Seeland – Tomorrow Today

 3/5 Rating


In 2004 Birmingham, England, was gripped in the throws of a powerful cult known as the -Retro Futurist Electronic’ scene. They were hell-bent on bringing an all-consuming brand of spaced-out futuristic pop, influenced by the likes of Syd Barrett-era Floyd, Scott Walker and 60s lounge music, to the unwitting masses. Apparently they failed, as research shows that from the -fallout’ of this movement, two young men (later joined by a third) formed Seeland to carry on the good fight.

London too had it’s share of RFE influence, embodied in 90s post-rock electronica outfit Stereolab. And if you are a fan of them, then Seeland will be right up your alley (Seeland have even released two singles on Stereolab’s Duophonic label).

Drenched in vintage synths and melodious beeps and squeaks, Tomorrow Today is a shining example of a musical movement that got less credit than it deserved. Ethereal, psychedelic and relaxing, Tomorrow Today has enough underlying intricacies to keep Barrett or Walker fans listening. There are other influences too, with -Turnaround’ hinting at New Order and Human League while -Static Object’ conjures memories of bleaker times with Joy Division. Singer Tim Felton’s vocals would appeal to any admirers of Gruff Rhys. Other highlights, such as -Station Sky’, first single -Library’ and the Twin Peaks-esque finale -Pretty Bird’ offer a good balance of dreaminess and stimulus.

Seeland do not create music to make you dance in the nip – it’s more like a pleasant walk on the beach. One wonders if this brand of music will ever appeal to the masses, but you should definitely take it on holiday.

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