by / July 24th, 2012 /

SertOne – Shapes In The Sky EP

 1/5 Rating

(Melted Music)

SertOne’s music is easy to see as a product of listening to a ton of classic hiphop joints, à la Stones Throw, while being surrounded by the contemporary UK bass and Scandinavian skweee scenes. And while the ‘Dilla and Zomby, jamming in an elevator on their way to lunch with Bootsy Collins’ euphemisms are inevitable and perhaps merited, they do little to shed light on the deep caches of creativity that the producer has to drawn on.

Despite the fact that this is his fifth release in twelve months, Sert’s a tune-machine and the quality isn’t as yet suffering from a trading off with quantity. Here once again he puts together four disparate tracks which are still inescapably his. The EP has for the most part a swagger throughout and Sert’s pronounced bass lines work well under he’s tendency towards glitched, shimmering arpeggiated synths. Some of the sample work is refreshingly innovative, as on ‘They Call’ where a well known reggae vocal is reworked to great effect. At other times, on ‘Further Down’ and ‘Lego’, he illuminates the narrative with funked up, pitch bent, wondering leads.

‘Breath’ stands apart on from the other tracks as a more downtempo affair featuring Young Wonder vocalist Rachel Koeman’s Bjork-esque vocals but manages to tie all the elements together. Listed on this very site as one to watch in 2012, SertOne has once again proved himself to be the most talented of a new generation of young electronic producers coming out of Ireland. We’re looking forward to more already.

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