by / October 28th, 2010 /

Silje Nes – Opticks

 1/5 Rating

(Fat Cat Records)

Silje Nes, a beautiful, multi talented Norwegian from a tiny town tucked amidst a fjord, has returned with another album after a two year hiatus.

Though a classically trained pianist, for Opticks , Nes initially began recording with instruments she was before unfamiliar with, opting instead for a particular sound she liked over technical ability. The result is a layered, amalgam of sounds that bleed together into melodies, all tied together by Nes’ somewhat haunting voice.

The most impressive aspect of this album is the fact that Nes is unafraid to part with convention once in a while. Often there are moments when a song will descend into harsh noise or drones before sweeping back into a light, pretty melody like on ‘Rewind’.

Now under the Fat Cat umbrella with label partners such as Sigur Ros and Panda Bear, Silje Nes should begin to capture minds and hearts with her shoegaze pop.

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