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Sixteen Layers – I Am No One

 1/5 Rating

(No One Records)

In 2007, Sixteen Layers won Dublin’s Bodog battle of the bands. In 2008 they got a record deal, made a splash with single ‘Torch’ and worked with Foo Fighter’s producer Jim Lowe. In 2009 – a full two years after announcing themselves – the four Dubliners finally rolled out an album.

I Am No One is a beautifully produced eleven-track stomp along the line between straight up old-school rock and modern-day anthemic indie. There’s even the occasional detour via strained, screeching metal-style vocals, and it’s a compelling combo. Niall’s voice has a hint of stadium rock to it; a dragged out, tuneful sound that makes I Am No One sound very much like it’s supposed to be played to a large number of someones.

Fan favorite ‘Torch’ is a clear stand out: 4 minutes of controlled tension that bursts into tuneful choruses, all held together by a driving rhythm. The climatic, nu-indie build up of opener (and new single) ‘No Strings’ is an epic staccato wake up call, and the slowed-down beats of beautiful tracks like ‘Exile’ show Sixteen Layers are far from one-trick ponies.

If there’s one gripe with I Am No One, it’s that Sixteen Layers never really reach the heights of their energetic live performances, but that was always going to be a lot to ask. Whilst the albums tight, note-perfect production steals a slight cutting edge from the on-stage performances, I Am No One is so cleverly ordered and well balanced it’s easy to forget that Sixteen Layers are even better live.

When they won battle of the bands way back in -07, the judges noted that Sixteen Layers looked and played like rock stars. On this evidence the Dubliners no longer need the comparisons: they are rock stars.

Sixteen Layers – Sixteen Layers-No Strings on MUZU.

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  • Mary McLoughlin

    Seen these guys in Crawdaddy, they are AMAZING. Hope to see them on a big stage very soon.

  • Sam Thorn

    I saw them too, can’t wait for more, am addicted completely xx

  • Emer McGrath

    Well guys, for once I’m stuck for words!!

    What a great review, you really deserve it, you are rock stars, oh yes you are!!

    So proud of y’all (and nice job James too).#

    Much love and happy days ahead, bring it on!!

  • Well I’d definately recomend that everyone should ‘Sit a while’ and get their ears ‘torched’ by this band. There’s definately some truly fantastic layers of sound in this album mix. Outstanding vocals too…a definate top quality 5 star album. A highly professional act…hats off to you guys.

  • Ruth

    Not surprised they were given this review, best live band around and the album is wicked… looking forward to the next gig, cannot get former you out of my head 🙂 Well done lad’s

  • Amazing! Can’t wait to see thses guys in NYC. We’ll support the lads any day of the week!